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Custom New Home Designs in Melbourne

When it comes to home designs, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

At Zen Built, we understand that every family is different which is why we offer a wide variety of single home designs to suit every lifestyle and every budget.

Go on, take a look at our wide-variety of Value and Premium Melbourne home designs and discover your dream home today!

KAYA Facade Single Storey-Modern House And Land Packages Melbourne

Single Storey

Explore Our KAYA Single Story Home

NIX20 Facade A Single Storey House Builders Melbourne

Single Storey

Explore Our NIX Single Story Home

LOT-642-A2_EXT - 1

Double Storey

Explore Our CORUM Double Story Home


Dual Occ

Explore Our BUSE Dual Occ Home

Lot Dual_v2_EXT-01

Dual Occ

Explore Our ARC Dual Occ  Home

Custom Home Designs In Melbourne With Professional Builders Execution

Where Innovative Designs Creates The Difference!

Just like you, we believe your home designs should be unique! When you decide to refresh or renovate your home design, our experts for custom home designs in Melbourne help you visualize and execute your vision. With us, it’s easy and convenient to customize your home from the material, interiors, furnishing to fixture setting. We cover everything to make home customization perfect for you and your needs.

Zen Built is committed to giving you innovative custom home designs in Melbourne with a professional approach, based on your needs, site, and budget. With years of reputed experience in the industry and has designed and customized hundreds of homes in Melbourne, we know what it takes to craft a custom home design that meets your lifestyle the best. We create a perfect blend of your house design aesthetic and modern necessities to create beautiful house designs. Get in touch with our custom home design expert team in Melbourne to discuss and share your visions and preferences for a custom home.

Get Excellent Space With Our Custom Home Designs In Melbourne

At Zen Built, we aim to make your home design an absolute mirror reflection of your personality. Our custom home designs in Melbourne allow families to get creative with their congested living spaces and ensure the outcome will meet the homeowner’s expectations. Plus, our custom home designing process gives the homeowner complete control over every aspect of the house, from the size, space, to the location of the bedroom to the inclusion of additional spaces such as storage rooms. Our crafted custom home designs allow plenty of room for modifications and flexibility that’s as unique as you are.

Dream Home Designs In Melbourne To Suit Any Budget- Truly Inspired For Standard Living

Are you concerned about your custom home designing budget? Choosing a builder with an experienced in-house custom house designer on staff in Melbourne can be a huge saving as this will be part of their package with no additional charges.

Our creativity to design custom home architecture in Melbourne is second-to-none:

  • We make sure every element of our custom house design Melbourne is a reflection of your personal values and style.
  • Our creative home designs incorporate proper ventilation, light, space, and materials that give you the feeling of an ideal home.
  • Our custom home designers work day and night to give you a home that is not only going to look functional and modern now, but will last the test of time.
  • We have a team of hard-working custom house design specialists who never give up on delivering to expectations and on budget.
  • The contemporary homes that are designed by Zen Built set a record when it comes to resale value, quality construction materials, and durability.

Our custom home builders know how to create a picture-perfect space while taking both budget and function into consideration. We strongly believe that the architecture and design of the house has a strong influence on the ambiance of the room or even the entire home.

Our experienced team of custom house designs in Melbourne can help to calm your concerns and meet your budget while turning your vision of a dream home a reality.Let us know your vision to design and build a custom home that suits your personality.


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